My Guarantee

My “Make Me Smile” Guarantee!

What happens if I am not completely satisfied with my portrait photography?

  1. Keith Hathaway can re-take your portraits in the studio, or
  2. You will be offered all your money back from the photo shoot, or
  3. You can have a credit note towards future photo shoots

What happens if I am not happy with my wedding photography?

If you are not happy two weeks after receiving your wedding photographs, call Keith and he will talk you through the next process, which will be a written complaint. This will then be submitted to The Master Photographers Association for review alongside the images taken. If they decide the photographs of your wedding were not taken to a standard representative of a full-time professional wedding photographer, then you will be offered compensation from Keith Hathaway’s Creativephotos.

“In all cases, I try to be fair and professional, both in my approach to my photography and to my customers. After all is said and done, my business relies on customer satisfaction and recommendation, so producing goods that are not up to a professional level is not good for business or my standing in the local community. I will always listen and try to help anyone who has a complaint or grievance with my business.” Keith Hathaway.