Studio Portraits in New Frames

The new designer frames make your portraits look fantastic when hung on your walls.

I have spent months researching the best way to display your studio portrait photography, and finally I think I have discovered the best framing options for you.

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Studio Portraits In Stylish New Frames

You probably have loads of “home taken” photographs on your computer or in small frames displayed around your home, but have you ever thought about displaying them LARGE?

When you see a great photo blown up to a display size and then hung as a centre piece in your living room, you cannot believe the difference. They look so different.

Many people who visit the studio ask for photos on a disk so they can get them printed wherever they like and as many times as they like. This is fine by me. But most of the time when they get home the photos just stay on that disk.


When I ask my customers in the follow-up call, what have they done with their studio portraits, they will say…

“Oh, I am still waiting to find the time to get the printed” !!!

Great looking studio portraits deserve to be displayed

oak framed studio portraits

It’s all in the details.

The solid frames are in crisp designer white, light oak or solid dark black. They come with a double white mount inside to emphasise the images even more…

framing details

Or, why not look at the Aluminium selection?

When your image is printed onto aluminium like this, the colours really zing. This is a modern flush fitting display that make your studio portraits stand out. You will be really proud of your family or wedding photographs when they are displayed like this.

aluminium print

aluminium print edging

Block style prints look bold and beautiful

These prints are mounted onto MDF and with a neat white border. The print goes right up to the edge of the block and is finished with a protective coating. They are solid and flush fitting.

MDF block printTo discover the best way to present your studio portraits and make them worth the investment of your time and money, please call the studio today on 07901 564 064, I look forward to hearing from you. You may also like to buy portrait gift vouchers so your family can also create stunning family portraits to display on their walls.

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