5 Best Portrait Lighting Videos

Portrait Lighting Videos – How It’s Done!

Here are a collection of 5 videos on portrait photography lighting. I have put them together because I think you can learn a lot about the process of watching photographers and how they see you in their minds eye and how they are mentally building up the image even before the shutter button has been pressed.

If you are thinking of arranging a family portrait photography session, these videos will help you see the process involved and hopefully help you feel more relaxed and confident as you enter the studio.


Portrait Lighting For Photography & Video

by Jay P. Morgan at The Slanted Lens

Using a professional studio and lighting equipment Jay walks you through the various lighting set-ups used by some of the top portrait photographers. His style is very relaxed and easy-going which makes the video a joy to watch and learn from.

Posing For Portrait Photography

by Amhurst Media Photography Books

This really is a superb beginners guide to lighting and posing people for photography. I have this book and the video shows you how to achieve many lighting techniques using day light and studio lighting. Jeff Smith also teaches you how to pose people so they appear natural and relaxed in the finished photos.

Posing Everyone

by B&H and Jerry Ghionis 

Jerry Ghionis is a master of his craft and is one of the top 5 wedding photographers in the world. In this video you will see why. He has a very relaxed but professional and confident manner and this helps build and maintain that element of trust in the portrait sitter. He will show how to create some fun and fashionable poses for both portrait sessions and wedding photography. Watching Jerry work is an enlightening experience and you will never run out of poses for your studio session.

Posing & Lighting Overview

With Bambi Cantrell at CreativeLive

Famous photographer Bambi Cantrell shows how she has built up a profitable career creating portraits for people. In this Creative Live edition she really does unwrap the secrets of portrait lighting to make more flattering images of her sitters. The step-by-step guide to posing and how to use light to capture the moment is a must see video. Anyone looking to build on their photography skills should head over to Creative Live as the really do have a huge selection of photography videos to help you build on you skills.

The Basics of Portrait Lighting

by PhotoVideo EDU

Tony Corbell and Joe Brady take us through some very interesting poses and lighting techniques that will transform your portrait photography. We all think we are the best at taking photographs, but when they are professionally critiqued like this it opens up a whole new world. Your images are ripped apart and you are told how to improve both on your lighting and posing of people. When you learn to study portrait photographs and know what to look for then your world of just clicking the shutter button disappears and you really start to enjoy the process of creating great portraiture.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of some of the best portrait photography lighting videos. For me it, watching these videos helps shape my business and makes the process of portrait photography much more enjoyable, whether it is building a family portrait history or creating eye-catching images for a publicity event, I now feel relaxed and more confident behind the camera.

If you are planning a family portrait session then watching these videos will help explain the process and what the professional photographer is trying to achieve.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

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