Baby Shower Gifts

baby shower gifts of a baby portrait voucher

What to buy for a baby shower that is truly meaningful…

Baby shower gifts are always very difficult presents to buy as nearly everyone buys the same old gifts that have been on the market for ever and a day.

So, how do you find something that is different and really means a lot when given to the new parents?

You want to buy a gift that can keep on giving without costing any extra but will always be there to remind the new parents what a great time it is in their lives.

I have an answer for you. It’s called a portrait gift voucher. Family portrait photographers have been offering baby showers gifts for quite a while now and tailor them to suit your budget. They can consist of a simple visit to the family portrait photographers studio and then the new parents pay extra for the photographs or you can buy a package where the photos are included.

It really depends on the family portrait photographer and how they run their business.

If you do not know the couple too well then simply buying the studio visit and letting them choose their own photos will probably be the best bet, but if they are a special couple and one’s you really enjoy spending time with, then the photographs included vouchers will be the best bet to go with.

Plus of course it all depends on your budget!

Be careful though, what looks like a good deal can sometimes prove very expensive, especially if the portrait photographer does not include the images, so don’t forget to ask about costs of prints even if you do not intend to buy them yourself.

More & More Doesn’t Mean Better!

We have all become accustomed to having loads of images taken on phones, pads etc, but a truly great image taken in a studio with professional lighting and then printed and hung on the wall can be fantastic.

The impact just one single image can make when blown up and printed on canvas or framed professionally will truly last a lifetime. Each time you walk into your living room and see this large family portrait, it will bring back happy memories of a time gone by, one that vanished so quickly.

Seeing your family portrait hanging on the wall will take away the stresses of your day and remind you of why you had children – because, let’s face it, once they get into their teenage years, you sometimes need reminding on a daily basis!!

For the perfect start to a young family’s life, finding a family portrait photographer who can help with their portrait history can be a fantastic idea for the perfect baby shower gift.

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