Engagement Photography Sessions

Why take engagement photos? Besides submitting them to your local paper with your engagement announcement you can use them creatively in your wedding day decor or give framed prints as gifts to your families. Plus it’s a great opportunity to get to know your Devon wedding photographer and to feel relaxed in front of the camera.

Engagement Photography prepares you for your wedding day

Engagement Photography prepares you for your wedding day

Here are some useful guidelines for engagement photography

  • Local paper announcements: book a photo shoot early in your engagement if you plan to submit a formal engagement announcement. Check your paper’s guidelines for specific pose or print quality requirements, which are often listed on the newspaper’s website.
  • Your wedding stationary: Have a photo taken for your wedding website or invites – if this trend appeals to you have photos taken at least eight months before the wedding, in time to print and send save-the-dates.

The beauty of taking engagement and wedding photography in Devon is that there are so many beautiful locations to pick as backdrops, from walks along the beach to dramatic Dartmoor vistas. With subtle lighting and the correct natural poses even the great British weather can be made to behave for your photo shoot!

Before your photo shoot, decide what kinds of engagement photos you’d like — posed or candid, formal or casual. Again, let your decisions be guided by how you plan to use the pics: Will they be hanging on grandma’s wall, reproduced in black-and-white newsprint, or shrunk down to the size of a £2 coin for personalized favor stickers? Advance planning will help you make the most of your pictures.

Some photo-friendly options to consider for your engagement shoot:

  • Take it outside: There’s no need to spend the time in the studio. Visit to a nearby park, woodland or beach. As your photographer I may be able to suggest local sites that make great backdrops for pictures, we’ll talk about locations you like when you make your appointment.
  • Make yourself at home: Your home is your comfort zone, and when you’re comfortable, you look happier. If your home is special to you then I can visit and snap you where you feel most comfortable.
  • Around your world in a day: Create a story for your engagement photos by revisiting nearby sites that are significant to the two of you: the walk along Torquay promenade on your first date, or scrambling up Haytor together — you get the idea. It’s a great chance to tell your story in a series of romantic, fun candids.
  • Get close: You probably don’t need to be persuaded to get close, but do plan to get a few affectionate close-up pictures: hug, hold hands, sling your arm around his shoulders. You’re in love, show it off!

 Dressed to impress!

An engagement photo does not require you to shop for matching outfits, but clashing patterns and flashy bling do not make a pretty picture. Whether you’re going formal or casual, solid colors are a must try to avoid florals, patterns, and head-to-toe black or white clothing.

How much does it cost for Engagement Photography?

For a basic portrait sitting at a photography studio and a few prints, you can expect to pay up to £100. For a professional afternoon’s worth of location photography the cost will be several times that much. All of this cost could be included in your wedding day photography package – contact Keith for more details. The final cost will depend on where you live and what you are looking for.