Hollywood Style Portraits

For creative and individual portraits, my Hollywood style portraits are very unique and look fantastic when printed large or used as part of a portfolio. They are very simple and elegant black and white images using a couple of lights and a simple background. As part of a model portfolio they can be very striking especially if you have a couple side by side in your folder. Or, if it is a gift experience you are looking for, why not buy portrait gift vouchers?

I love the simplicity of style because you can focus on the person and their personality. Once the lighting has been set up to suit the persons face and clothing, emphasising the right parts of the image, the parts that are important to the creation of the image and personality, then you can start building on poses and personality.

If you are looking for a striking portrait to hang on your walls, then this style of image is very appealing and looks amazing when beautifully framed. Can you imagine walking into someones house and seeing this very special and visually attractive image of your host hanging on their wall? It will hit you around the face, make you stop and study the image, because that is what it is created to do. To make you stop, look and ask questions.

My “Art Noir” photography session in the studio lasts up to an hour and includes a couple of changes of clothes so that you get a good range of images to choose from. They style is simple which means less hassle for you as a sitter and means we can concentrate on your image requirements. The Newton Abbot photographer studio session is fun and creative and will leave you with some really personal and creative photography.

For more information please call the Newton Abbot studio on 01626 334647

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