How To Be A Model

How to be a model and what images you should choose

“How to be a model?” This is a question I am always asked so here is a short guide to help you become a model.

Firstly, take a look at Modelmayhem and set up a profile page.

Start researching modelling agencies, from top city agencies to local ones. Look at the profiles of other models doing the sort of work you want to do and see who they’re signed with.

Make a list.

Next, build an Instagram profile and start sharing, commenting and liking other models, bookers and publishers. Learning how to be a model involves plenty of research and following what others are already doing.

Photography & How To Be A Model

Put together a collection of professional and candid images. Initially 6×4 inch prints will be fine. Send a few off at a time to the agency bookers to introduce yourself.

Contact them first to see who you need to send the info to. Then over a period of a time, drip feed them images, emails, links to profiles, personalised letters etc. Keep in touch with them. Become known to them until they flatly turn you down!

how to be a model example photo shoot

You have to work your list of contacts and make sure they are kept informed of any new developments to do with your modelling career. They are probably approached by hundreds of new faces every week, so why should they remember you? Why should they reply or keep in touch with you?

One method I used when contacting new businesses was to create a mailing that would stand out. I’d send them a Kit-Kat along with a personalised letter saying “Take a break Mr Jones”, assuming that was their name. Then I’d continue with ” during your next coffee break, enjoy the Kit-Kat and take a look at my proposal…”. This was followed up with a phone call to ask if they received the Kit-Kat and what did they think of my idea.

It was simple but effective and it got me noticed.

Most bookers get plenty of emails now so sending a piece of bulky mail like this will get you over the first hurdle and through the proverbial door.

You have to be different to stand out.

The Most Important Thing To Remember:

The most important thing to remember when finding a modelling agency is never ever pay to be on a model agency’s books.

You’ll come across many agencies that will want to charge you a fee for admin etc. Honestly, if they thought you were good enough to get work they would simply take commission with no upfront fees. 

Anyone can take money off you without proving they can get you work.

What Sort of Photos Should You Send to a Model Agency?

An agency booker wants to see how you work in front of a camera. Whether you look comfortable in front of the lens and you know how to create different looks and poses.

male model portfolios

male model portfolios

Your eyes and expressions should sell your images.

When having your portfolio created, think about the lens as someone you like and want to flirt with! Sounds really corny I know, but that interaction with the camera will really add life to your final images. You have to try to ignore the fact that you probably don’t know the photographer that well, so concentrate on the lens and work to that.

Make sure you have a collection of head and shoulder images, along with 3/4 and full length shots. Also a mix of Black & White and colour images helps. I hope this simple guide helps you answer the question of how to be a model.

If you wish to create a model portfolio or simply want to discuss the idea further, just give me a call or get in touch.