Photo Shoots For Large Family Groups

I have photographed up to 17 people which is quite common for large family groups. Getting all members of the family together for a photo shoot is never easy, but once it has been put in the diary then it can be great fun and prove to be very memorable.

Deciding What To Wear In A Large Family Groups Photo Session

With so many people in the group shot it can look a little messy if everyone is wearing different colours or patterns. That is never a good idea!

So beforehand, I will send you an email with a link giving ideas on what to wear during the large family group photography session. Hopefully you will all get together beforehand and discuss colour scheming. This will help you choose the final images for your walls.

Capturing the different relationships between everyone can be great fun. We will set up the basic shots and then slowly add or take people away depending on your requirements. At the end of the photo shoot you will have a collection of images ranging from just one or two people right through to the whole group. Your family portrait history will have a great start to it!

Here are some of the Large Family Groups Photography Sessions recently captured…

large family groups 1 large family groups 2 large family groups 3

family portraits on the beach Large Family Groups 4

Where to have your large family groups photo session

To make things easier, it is better if everyone arranges to meet at the studio in Newton Abbot as there is plenty of parking and we have the choice of in-door or out-door photography. But if you prefer I can visit your holiday home or where ever you are planning to meet up and spend an hour with you.

Just give me a call and let’s start planning your family portrait session. 01626 336572 or if you prefer to buy portrait gift vouchers they act as a fantastic present for any age.