Printing is dead – long live printing!

Why Printing Your Photos Matters

It happens so many times.

People come into the studio, have a great time during their photo shoot and go away feeling relaxed and excited about seeing their family photo shoot experience online when they get home.

But then I get the phone call.

“It’s so difficult to choose the right image for printing” and “We can’t narrow them down, what can we do?”.

It’s the same conversation every time.

I help of course. Trying to point out what makes a great image and how it will last a lifetime as opposed to a snap that they will easily get bored of looking at.

But most people have gotten into the habit of thinking more is better, so they want all the images taken during their photo shoot.

That’s great for me from a business point of view but, I believe, not great for the customer.

Why? Well, you can easily buy a hundred images and put them on a CD or memory stick where they will be looked at a couple of times and over time they’ll be ¬†assigned to the little drawer in the kitchen where all your bits and pieces go to die. They’ll never be looked at again. Slowly fading from your memory until they become ‘just another object’ you have bought and not really needed.

How better to choose just one image, have it printed and framed and displayed in your hallway or living room for all to see?

Each day you will get to see your family portrait and love it more. It will become a family heirloom, something to look back on with fondness.

Unlike a CD or memory stick, the framed portrait is a tangible object and will last, whereas with all digital products they are discarded over time as technology changes.

It will not be long before most computers cannot read CD’s, in fact, it’s happening right now with Apple products. So, how will you be able to view your images in years to come? Printing and framing are the best ways to enjoy your family photo shoot and it gives you something to look back on.

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