Family Portraits – Disk or Framed?

Family Portraits – Disk or Framed?

“I want to hang my family!”

Like you, I was shocked but then I soon realised all he wanted was a bit of help and someone to talk to.

How people act behind closed doors will always be a mystery to me.

That’s why I emailed my customers recently asking for their point of view.

Is it better to hang your family portraits on the wall beautifully framed or to leave them as digital files stuck on your computer system somewhere?
The replies were really quite interesting.
Most people wanted to display their family photographs but didn’t really know the best way to do it. So now, when people come into my Newton Abbot photography studio looking for ways to hang their photographs I provide a useful guide showing how to place wall art to get the best balance and most pleasing results.
You’ll be glad to know, I will not be making any further rushed phone calls to the emergency services!
My new range of wall hanging photography is called Art Noir and is based on retro-photographic techniques.
I love the old Hollywood movie photographers. They would spend hours perfecting the lights to create shadow and build character in a face until they were left with visually stunning images for movie posters and press releases. So, it’s with a nod back to their brilliance that I produced the Art Noir collection.
The photography takes place in the studio with one or two lights and a black background. Time is taken to produce and edit these striking timeless portraits and the resulting images speak about emotion, depth and absolute simplicity.
The ‘Art Noir’ photography session is always planned with simplicity in mind and clothing is kept dark to maximise the impact of the image. The idea is for the face to be the main feature of the portrait so a low key effect is employed.
Set off in a simple black border and carved frame, they are lightweight and ready to hang.
I think the collection beautifully captures those moments we never want to lose and are a timeless part of our family history.
Framed Portraits