Would You Travel For Your Wedding Photos?

Travelling to far off places for your wedding seems to be the trend at the moment.

An increasing number of well-to-do Chinese Brides and Grooms are having their wedding celebrations in their home town but are travelling to more sophisticated and picturesque places to have their wedding photos done, according to Gadling.
travel for your wedding photos

Would You Travel Abroad For Your Wedding Photography?

Places like South Korea specialise in creating colourful backdrops for wedding photography. To many well-off Chinese couples South Korea is seen as a chic destination due to the high popularity of pop videos and TV shows being filmed there.

Being able to mimic the glamorous lifestyles of famous South Korean celebrities has been the driving force behind this new style of wedding photography. They can even have their bridal portraits taken in front of scenic back drops representing European destinations, which all adds to “the look” they are trying to create when ditching the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

Would you travel to a specific destination to create the “right look” for you wedding photography? As a Devon based wedding photographer I would like to know your thought, so please let me know…