Wedding Checklist

The Wedding Checklist – How To Plan A Stress Free Wedding Day

The success of any wedding relies on you completing a wedding checklist and following up on every entry.

Too many times I have seen brides fall to pieces on their wedding day whenever something goes wrong or simply doesn’t happen, like;

  • Flowers not being delivered on time
  • The wedding photographer does not know what to do
  • The wedding venue is running late

By simply putting a wedding checklist together and working through it thoroughly you can help eliminate most of the problems that may occur on your wedding day.

If you plan it properly and follow the plan then your wedding day should run perfectly, meaning you and your guests can simply enjoy the day and have fun. But that is the key – “plan the work and work the plan”!

All this may sound simple advice, but believe me, I have met plenty of brides who turn up with a folder full of adverts cut from newspapers and magazines, and their heads are just too full of ideas for any of them to work.

Researching for ideas on how to make your wedding day perfect and different is a great idea, but at some stage you really have to stop reading and start creating. Building your checklist and putting all the relevant time frames in is very constructive and rewarding. Knowing where you are at any moment with regards to your event planning really helps ease your thinking and lets you enjoy the process more.

Time management in day-to-day events is often an overused phrase but when it comes to planning important events – like your wedding day – you have to get it right and be on top of things. Otherwise you will often feel confused and overwhelmed with the number of things you need to accomplish. Putting it all down on paper gets it out of your head, which in turn frees up the space in your mind to enjoy the process.

sample wedding checklist

This simple wedding checklist will help plan your most important day.

I have built this wedding checklist in a spreadsheet and it is based on the business planner I use in my photography business.

Simply enter each subject down the left hand side and put the dates along the top. Then, once you have all the subjects listed; like photography, cake, dresses etc, you then deconstruct every process into smaller actions and set a date for them.

Breaking down each category allows you to really follow closely what needs to be done and by what time. For example, under “Photography” you will need to list the following:

  • Research and interview wedding photographers
  • Finalise contract
  • Pay deposit and confirm date
  • Supply written list of photographs needed
  • Arrange second meeting before the wedding date
  • Confirm by email everything you need the photographer to do

Then alongside each section mark the date it needs to be completed by. This will give you a visual representation of your diary and what and when you need to do things.

It’s a simple process but it really does help you focus and plan your wedding day in a successful and time-efficient way. Leaving you plenty of time for anything you may have forgotten.

The wedding checklist spreadsheet is yours to download and adapt to suit your wedding planning arrangements. If you have any questions on your wedding photography then please do not hesitate to contact me, and I’ll try to answer as many of your questions as I can.

To download your sample wedding checklist click here.

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