Wedding Photography Poses

Your wedding photographs will be the most important keepsake of your wedding; they’re also a great way to share the experience with friends and family who weren’t able to be with you. Taking a good wedding photo means paying attention to lighting, setting and,

perhaps most importantly, poses. Although your photographer will be able to guide you through the process, it’s still useful to know a few basic tips about wedding photography poses.

How to Create Great Wedding Photography Poses

The white dress is a beloved wedding tradition, but it can be a little tricky to capture in a photograph, particularly if there’s a lot of detail on the dress. To emphasise dress detail, you’ll need to pose yourself so that the main light source falls across the surface of the material at an angle. Position yourself with one shoulder facing toward the light source, allowing the light to rake across the detail. This should be the shoulder closest to the camera. This isn’t the only way to light your dress properly – a lot depends on the type of light and the texture of the fabric – but it’s a handy rule of thumb.

how to light a wedding dress

Sunlight cuts across the dress to show detail and structure

Lighting doesn’t just help pick out the details of the dress – it also shapes the face. Everyone knows that proper lighting can help erase wrinkles or flatter a particular shape of face, but its role in photography is much greater. The exact same facial expression can be lit to produce completely different moods. As a professional wedding photographer, I pose people using the existing light to produce open, happy expressions. This is often done by shooting the subject with the light source slightly higher and at a slight angle. For this type of shot, you’ll want a post that has both you and your husband facing in the same direction, in order to get the light striking your faces in the same way.

The right lighting – and therefore the right pose – can not only flatter the face and shape the expression, but show off your figure to best advantage. Again, this varies depending on the environment, the light and the individual, but appealing poses often have some similarities – for instance, they tend to create curves rather than angles. Small things can make a difference – for instance, holding your arms slightly bent during bouquet shots tends to produce a better image then bending them sharply at the elbows. These types of pose issues will be more visible to the photographer than to you, so don’t be afraid to ask.

perfect wedding pose

Being angled to the sun provides a triangle of light on the brides left cheek which shows bone structure. Also, the bent right arm makes the body look slimmer.

Wedding photography poses aren’t all about finding the right pose and determining exactly how the light will fall on your face, however. They’re also about expressing yourself. It’s fun to think about the ideal wedding photo, especially the all-important couple shots. However, don’t let yourself get too attached to a particular photo concept. Choosing unique couple photos is a matter of letting the setting and the light speak to you, as well as trusting the photographer’s eye when it comes to your interaction with your husband. Be open to experimenting with new ideas and you may be surprised by the results. The most important thing about these photos is that you be relaxed and natural; overthinking your pose might be the worst thing you could do. Just let the joy and excitement of the day come out and you’ll create the perfect pose without even knowing it.

casual wedding reportage

Some of the most memorable moments to look back on happen when you are least expecting it!! These are the images professional wedding photographers are looking for, they will add a great deal to the finished album.